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 I Ching Dao Online Training

The following I Ching Dao classes by contemporary Daoist teacher Juan Li are available as online sessions. This way you can immerse yourself in Daoist teachings in your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.


The workshop "Introduction, application and refinement of the Tao basic practises" is useful for beginners as well as experienced practitioners.

Knowledge of the basic Tao practises (Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds and Microcosmic Orbit) is necessary for all following classes and online trainings, e.g. "Awakening the Inner Guide", etc.

I Ching Dao Inner Alchemy Training

In four online classes Juan Li is introducing and reviewing the Tao basic practises - the Inner Smile, the Six Healing Sounds and the Microcosmic Orbit.


This basic workshop will give you a clear explanation of the basic Tao practises as well as guided practises with a highly qualified teacher. You will get  distinct ideas of how to implement these practises into your everyday life.


This video is rare as Juan Li usually does not teach the basic Tao practises outside of Spain. It will be useful on your way of self- development and you will surely enjoy the vivid and structured teaching of Juan Li. 

In this online workshop Juan Li introduces us to the Inner Guide function, which is built-in in every human being. 


This workshop, consisting of four classes, will give you a practise with which you can bring the mind to more stillness and you will also learn the "basic preparation sequence", which is excellent for beginning any sitting practise.


After participation in this workshop you will be able to create a clear connection with the divine part inside of you and let it administer your path of self-development. You can learn to listen to your Inner Guide's advice in order to get answers to all important questions in life. 

Without your Inner Guide you are walking through life instinctively. The practises of this workshop will help you to be in touch with the Inner Guide function, to understand your purpose in life and to daily adjust your steps on your path. 

How to design a personal self-development practise is one of the greatest challenges faced by practitioners from the beginner to the experienced level.


In this workshop we look into the essentials for designing a successful practise capable of generating favourable conditions for lasting transformation and high self-esteem.


We will learn how to establish short-term, intermediary and ultimate goals with the collection of transformation techniques we have already acquired.

In this workshop we investigate the spiritual roots of our femininity and masculinity. We try to understand the purpose and the mission of these two opposite energies - Yin and Yang - and we also find out how the principle of their unity works within us.


In 6 online classes we deeply investigate the subject of male/female relationships and most importantly we learn practises which will help us to open our heart to love and to re-establish a harmonious relation with ourselves and the opposite sex again.


The outcome of this series of online classes should be a growing understanding of the spiritual principles of how to create harmonious relationships in which man and woman mutually exchange energies and equally support each other on their journey.


Fear can take hold of our minds and disturb and dissipate our lives far more than we realize.

This class has been designed to help us understand the nature of fear and the overwhelming negative impact it has in our lives when sustained for long.

Fear arises in the mind as a result of how we are interpreting information received by the senses. The first place we have to go to transform fear is the mind.




Love relations are the most complex area of human interaction because countless unconscious factors can prevent us from experiencing them.


In this seminar we are going to look into the most important unconscious factors preventing harmonious relations from developing in our lives. Juan Li provides clear ideas and techniques of how to find and clear these unconscious factors.


The most important skill in this era of rapid change and constant information flow, is harnessing the power of the intention by knowing the precise sequence how an intention is radiated.


In today`s fast-paced world, having the skill of how to use the intention properly can mean the difference between doing things, as the ancient Daoists advised, with a minimum of effort and realize a maximum result, or a life of struggle and frustration guessing how to realize one`s goals in life.


This workshop consists of a sequence of essential factors to take into account in designing any healing strategy. One often encounters with experienced practitioners, who have been working with energy practices for many years, the inability to structure a sequence for healing despite having everything needed.


To apply what one has learned is a totally different stage from simply sitting down to do one’s practices.


The How to Heal Program is being presented to provide a clear sequence of the essential factors needed to heal the causes, not just the symptoms of illness.


At present the experience of death is usually thought as the end of everything. By contrast all the great spiritual traditions have been structured with continuity of consciousness at their core and preparation for death at the heart of their training.

The belief that at death everything ends is based on the assumption that the physical dimension is the only dimension and that we are the physical body and nothing else.

In this workshop we learn about the process of dying, the dissolution of the elements of consciousness, what to do when someone has passed away, and much more.

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