Essentials Book - Quotes and Teachings by Juan Li

ESSENTIALS - the book.

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Book description

The third edition of




365 quotes and short teachings by contemporary

Daoist teacher Juan Li


to increase daily motivation, enthusiasm and perseverance

on the path to self-development

* * *

You are looking for wisdom and inspiration?

Maybe even for a companion on the path to self-development?


Then this little treasure might have something to offer to you.

Just open it, get inspired and find out for yourself.

 * * *

The book, respectively the quotes/teachings by Juan Li are divided into different chapters - e.g. Our era, Our ego, Our mind, Consciousness, Practise, Heaven/Earth/Rooting, Chi Kung, Meditation, Family, Healing, Food, Happiness, etc.


Book information


Softcover: 414 pages

Published by: Life Essence

Language: English

Size: 14,8 x 14,8 x 2,7 cm

Weight: 645 grams


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Reader Reviews


"Essentials, the compilation of quotes from the teachings of Juan Li, truly deserves this title.
It contains the essential principles of the path of self-development of Juan’ s I Ching Dao - in his own words.
This is not a book on philosophical or metaphysical abstractions. It is an invitation to practice, to transform the mind. Each of the sayings has the potential of being a key to a facet of the diamond of our True Nature. They cover the three fundamental areas of life of man: health and vitality, the opening of the heart and the awakening of the wisdom-mind.
Take one of the sayings. Reflect on it - what could it  mean for you? Digest it, test it. Then, if the deep voice of your heart tells you so, live the truth of it."


Marcel Gazendam, Dao Instructor, Holland


„Essentials - this is what you find in this book with quotes by Juan Li. Whoever has had the fortune to be present at one of his retreats or workshops or regular classes will be grateful for this compilation of his key messages.

The quotes are clustered with regard to the topics which are of central interest to individuals on their way to train their (self)observation skills & to develop their consciousness. Take any one message, think about it, stop thinking about it, feel it, let it sink in and connect to whatever comes up - and trust: Something will emerge. You can just follow these sparks on your path of transformation.“


Andrea, Switzerland

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