In our modern hi-tech world, where everything changes so rapidly and where the speed of life is accelerating every year, people, more than ever before, seek to learn more about their own nature and start looking for answers about their purpose of life. The ancient Taoist practices allow us to become more conscious about body and mind and to learn about the spiritual aspect. Simultaneously can we increase our life force, prolongue our lives and above all improve its quality by using these practices - a clear confirmation of their relevance in modern times.


Each person can become his/her own teacher and healer. Our mission is to support you on this way.


Our center offers classes in the following directions:


• UHT / Healing Tao Basics and Advanced Basics
• Iron Shirt Chi Kung
• Healing Love
• Awakening the Yin Power
• Fusion of the 5 Elements
• TAO Yoga & Chi Kung



• Sacral Body Architecture

• Natural Birth Planning

• Imbuilding

• Face Beauty


We also organize seminars and online trainings with Daoist teacher Juan Li.



Life Essence | Tao Center was founded by Ilana Zaripova, a certified instructor of the Universal Healing Tao system of Mantak Chia.

She is a direct student of Taoist teacher Mantak Chia and Juan Li. Over the last ten years she has deeply investigated the nature of femininity, female sexual energy, the recurrence of women into life, practices that help filling oneself with feminine energy and different aspects of maintaining the natural health and beauty of women.


With the Taoist practices as a basis she created a special programme for women - the "Female Tao Practices" - which includes not only the basic Tao practices (Inner Smile, Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit), but also practises of filling oneself with love and compassion, exercises for improving ones posture and walk, special exercises for promoting healthy female sexual organs, practices to create energy fields, as well as work with the power of water.


The workshop "Awakening the Yin Power - the authentic feminine essence" was created to free women from blockages and to empower and recharge their centers of feminine strength. The techniques of this workshop help to open the heart center and fill it with love, to open free emotional fluidity, to open up the sexual power, to accept femininity as the natural strength of a woman and to empower intuition and the gift of clear vision. This workshop helps to unite and harmonize all centers of feminine strength and to re-establish the link with the divine feminine, with the female ancestral line, with the world`s feminine heritage.


"Healing love for women" was also developed by Ilana on the basis of the Tao sexual practises - using sexual energy for healing purposes - and includes e.g. ovarian breathing, the art of touch, the female deer exercise, dynamic female practises as well as practises of deep rest, orgasmic practises, exercises for the health of the female sexual organs, different kinds of breast massage, and techniques to work with different elements of nature (earth, water, fire, air).


"Sacral Body Architecture" is a unique system developed by the French teacher Natali Droen. This system unites physical exercises, breathing techniques and deep internal work, and thus helps activating and uniting all levels of consciousness. Sacral body architecture includes internal contemplation (watching, viewing) upon the body to establish a deep cooperation with the great force that created the body itself. This workshop helps to realise the natural laws of body construction, the right geometry of its horizontals (joints) and the internal vertical bridging of Heaven and Earth. The body is a temple for the soul living in it and this temple can be very beautiful. As this system is intended for women, all exercises are carried out in a naturally flowing female way which then also helps to integrate these smooth movements into everyday life.


"Natural Birth Planning" is a scientific system based on the knowledge of the natural fertility of the woman which helps both to postpone conception as well as to conceive the desired child. This method is based on the observation of several physiological changes during the female menstrual cycle. It is well-known that hormonal contraception can very harmfully affect the female health, hormone system, energy level, mood and sexuality.

The female endocrine system is finely adjusted by nature and any intervention into it has serious consequences. Pills change the hormonal status of the woman and can turn a healthy woman into an unhealthy, infertile woman. As the system assumes observation of the physiological state, every woman can learn to understand all processes which happen in her body during a cycle. No doctor is able to provide this valuable knowledge to a woman. For women truely caring about their health, this system seems to be an optimum approach in birth planning.


For those women who have completed training in the "Female Tao Practises", Ilana offers a workshop called "Imbuilding". Imbuilding is a method of working with female genital muscles. The pelvic floor muscles are studied in detail in this class. This is nesessary as there are specific exercises for each group of muscles which should be carried out with special tools and regular feedback from the teacher. These tools are a unique development of a Russian scientist and they can accelerate the development of the pelvic floor muscles in a way which is difficult to achieve only with normal vaginal eggs. This programme is designed to run about 6-8 months during which a woman can perfectly develop her intimate muscles. This allows her to keep her feminine health, painlessly give birth to children and quickly restore afterwards, and to experience enhanced sexual pleasure.


The "Face Beauty" programme was created by Ilana Zaripova. The aim of this programme is to maintain the natural beauty of a woman's face and neck, and also to eliminate imperfections which might have already appeared. The programme combines meditation, work with sexual energy, energy massage, activation of important face and ear points, special exercises for each group of face and head muscles, techniques for face and neck massage, and techniques for hand massage. All participants receive individual recommendations and a special set of exercises. Beautiful healthy skin and shining eyes are the result of this interesting work.