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Literally translated TAO ( Chinese: 道 ) means principle, method, source, or way and shows us exactly this way to better health and well-being.


The Universal Healing Tao - also known as TAO Yoga, or Healing Tao - is a way that leads us with simple practises to noticeable better health, better well-being and increased vitality.


Master Mantak Chia made the Universal Healing Tao known worldwide through numerous books and workshops.


We offer in his tradition several TAO Yoga classes and workshops for maintaining and supporting health and well-being, as well as for stress reduction, relaxation and self-healing:



Healing Tao Basics

From stress back to vitality


Healing Tao Advanced Basics

Through vitality to more consciousness


TAO Yoga and Qigong

Weekly practise group


Continuative TAO Yoga Trainings

For further opening ones own innate potential

Get inspired by Senior Healing Tao Instructors sharing their Taoist Wisdom:



TAO Yoga – thousands of years well-tried and time-tested by Taoist masters;

made-to-measure the challenges of our current times.

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