Are you looking for better health and well-being...?


 We are offering the following classes of the Universal Healing Tao (Tao Yoga) system by Master Mantak Chia for maintaining and supporting health and well-being, as well as for self-healing and for reducing stress and promoting relaxation:


Healing Tao Basics


Learn ancient Daoist practises for better health and quality of life.

Find your way from stress back to vitality, back to your own power.

The aim of this training is to learn how to harmonise and to heal oneself.

Healing Tao Basics for Women

All practises and exercises are taught in a special feminine way. Nowadays as more and more women live, think and act like men it is especially important that women cultivate Yin-energy (feminine energy) within themselves. The female way is a way of pleasure. We learn not to force ourselves to practise but rather to find joy in practising.

Healing Tao Advanced Basics 


We focus on further refining the basic practises as well as further activating and stabilising our internal energy flow through new practises.

This allows us to experience a new depth in our own practise and well-being.

Bone Breathing - Life Essence Tao Center

Healing Tao for Healthy Bones


Bone Breathing Qigong is another treasure of the Taoist health system.  We will learn effective methods for the health of our bones from the so called Bone Marrow Nei Kung.

At the same time the process of bone breathing will lead us into deep inner peace and relaxation.


Healing Tao of Inner Alchemy


With harmonising the five elements we continue walking on the Taoist path of further cultivating our life force "Chi".

We learn a practical way of creating deep emotional balance inside of our body and thus become very centered and present. This allows us to experience the harmonising power of the inner smile on a deeper level.

Tao Yoga and Qigong


Movement, relaxation and fresh strength through Qigong.


"Qigong is an art that pleases the spirit, slows down the aging process and thus prolongs life."


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