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The most important skill in this era of rapid change and constant information flow, is harnessing the power of the intention by knowing the precise sequence how an intention is radiated. In today`s fast-paced world, having the skill of how to use the intention properly can mean the difference between doing things, as the ancient Daoist advised, with a minimum of effort and realize a maximum result, or a life of struggle and frustration guessing how to realize one`s goals in life.


In all of us there is an inner drive to live a fulfilling life and experience our true self. Like driving with the brakes on, by not knowing what basic criteria are needed to choose worthy goals, in which, at least nobody looses, and even better, everybody wins, we stumble through life ignorant of how to realize the happiness and wellbeing that we are told resides within ourselves.


How powerfully we can radiate the intention depends on the motivation and direction we are moving in life, the nature of the goals we choose, the precise energy sequence for translating a set of conditions into an energy frequency and a fund of positive reaction energy.


In this seminar we are going to train in the sequence of steps that are needed for working the intention with a minimum of effort and realizing maximum result.


We learn in this online class:

  • The essential qualities a worthy goal needs to have to be in the flow of personal evolution
  • The importance of having a "fund" of positive reaction energy to match worthy goals
  • How to translate a worthy goal into an energy frequency that can be radiated
  • The sequence for empowering "the antenna" of the intention with creative energy
  • The right timing for radiation the intention
  • How to administer the Yang of radiating an intention with the Yin of flowing with the changes


Prerequisite: Microcosmic Orbit *

* Available as an I Ching Dao online class with Juan Li to learn the basic Tao practises (Inner Smile, 6 Healing Sounds and Microcosmic Orbit): "Introduction, application and refinement of the basic Tao practises"





I Ching Dao Online Workshop with Juan Li


Duration: 4 sessions of about 2 - 2,5 hours each

Teacher: Juan Li - translation by Ilana Zaripova

Language: English - with translation into Russian

Prerequisites: Tao Basics / Basic Level of the Microcosmic Orbit

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Expiry date: Access to the recordings is available for a period of 14 days after receiving your personal log-in key.


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