Summer 2021



"In times of rapid change, we need to be at our very best."

Juan Li - Ching Dao


 You would like to learn Daoist Practises for Women?

Join Ilana`s unique Live Online Training Group.


Тренинг "Даосские практики для счастья"


You would like to experience new possibilities of self-development?

"Work on the qualities that limit you." Juan Li


Use our I Ching Dao Online Training Program.


You would like to become more flexible again?

And also cultivate inner stillness at the same time?


Use our TAO Yoga & Qigong Online Training.

We are available for individual training,

to share some real jewels of Daoist practise with you:


The Inner Smile

The Six Healing Sounds

The Microcosmic Orbit

Harmonising the 5 Elements

Embracing the Tree Qigong

Bone Breathing Qigong


Learn Daoist inner arts

and put your practise on a new level!

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