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Each person is social and surrounded by many relationships: the relation with oneself, with parents and family, with nature, relations at work, with people in general... The list could be continued, but we decided to devote this webinar to one certain type of relations - the one between man and woman, the love relations.

Modern people move more and more away from nature. They perceive and value artificial things created by people as the real world and thus disconnect themselves from nature. Accepting different public views and rejecting nature, they cannot connect with the divine feminine or the divine masculine anymore. All of this leads to a very fragile basis for the creation of a harmonious relationship with a person of the opposite sex.

In our live online sessions we will investigate the spiritual roots of our femininity and masculinity and we will try to understand the purpose and the mission of the two opposite energies - Yin and Yang - and also find out how the principle of their unity works within us.


In 6 online live classes we will deeply investigate the subject of the male/female relationship and most importantly we will learn practices which will help us to open our heart to love and to re-establish the harmonious relation with ourselves and the opposite sex.


The outcome of this series of online classes should be a growing understanding of the spiritual principles of how to create harmonious relationships in which man and woman mutually exchange energies and equally support each other on their journey.


Prerequisite: Microcosmic Orbit *


* Available as an I Ching Dao online class with Juan Li to learn the basic Tao practises (Inner Smile, 6 Healing Sounds and Microcosmic Orbit): "Introduction, application and refinement of the Tao basic practises"





I Ching Dao Online Workshop with Juan Li


Duration: 6 sessions of about 2 - 2,5 hours each

Teacher: Juan Li - translation by Ilana Zaripova

Language: English - with translation into Russian

Prerequisites: Tao Basics / Basic Level of the Microcosmic Orbit

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Expiry date: Access to the recordings is available for a period of 14 days after receiving your personal log-in key.


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