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The ability to skillfully use the intention and the will is the keystone of energy practises and living a fulfilling existence.

The intention is given by Mother Nature equally to gods and humans; but how we use it and how powerfully we are able to focus it is a skill we develop in life.


The ancient Daoist medical classics make it clear that the moment we misdirect the intention and the will from the goal of raising consciousness and developing the spirit we begin seeding the roots of illness and suffering.

The fire of the intention is awakened by activating the Inner Guide function. The Inner Guide or Higher Self is the most sacred aspect of the personality. It is the function nature makes available to help us awaken divine awareness and fulfill our highest destiny in life.

The more we are able to consciously work with our Inner Guide the easier we find our purpose in life and the more focused our actions become in generating personal benefit and benefit to others.

The Inner Guide is the seed of perfection within every living being. It is the spiritual compass pointing at the direction to follow in order to develop our highest potential.

Historically, following a path of self development has always been done in cooperation with a transcendent superior principle of consciousness beyond the individual ego. To be aware that the divine principle resides within us, eliminates the sense of separation or inferiority practitioners risk developing by assuming they are lacking something which is outside themselves.

The Inner Guide is constantly readjusting the direction we are going in life. Its most direct way of doing it is through dreams or when we ask questions through the I Ching.


During the workshop we will learn to open a more conscious communication with the Inner Guide, so that from now on we always take it as the ultimate reference when making important decisions.


Prerequisite: Microcosmic Orbit *


* Available as an I Ching Dao online class with Juan Li to learn the basic Tao practises (Inner Smile, 6 Healing Sounds and Microcosmic Orbit): "Introduction, application and refinement of the Tao basic practises"





I Ching Dao Online Workshop with Juan Li


Duration: 4 sessions of about 2 hours each

Teacher: Juan Li - translation by Ilana Zaripova

Language: English - with translation into Russian

Prerequisites: Tao Basics / Basic Level of the Microcosmic Orbit

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Expiry date: Access to the recordings is available for a period of 14 days after receiving your personal log-in key.


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