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Healthy bones through bone breathing


      You would like to do improve your health, especially the health of your bones...?          

                    At the same time you would like to relax and recharge...?


In our class "Healthy Bones through Bone Breathing" you will learn practises from the so-called Bone Marrow Nei Kung. These practises are part of the wide-ranging ancient Taoist health system, which has been developed and refined over thousands of years in China.


Especially nowadays as more and more people are suffering from a loss of bone mass, these easy to learn breathing exercises offer us effective methods for strengthening our bones and for revitalising our body.


Red and white blood cells are produced in our bone marrow. However, with increasing age, the production of the favourable red bone marrow gets reduced in our bones and is replaced by a more whitish marrow, which mainly consists of fat. This process leads to a shortage of minerals in our bones. As a result our bone mass gets reduced, our bones become less dense and more brittle. Bone breathing gives us an effective method to reverse this process as we are stimulating the production of red bone marrow again. At the same time we are supporting the reduction of fat that has accumulated inside our bones.


Through simple Taoist practises we learn to activate and to stabilise our inner flow of energy. Then, with the actual bone-breathing practise, we learn to direct our breath, in this case a very subtle breath, inside of our body, right into our bones.


During this process our bones, our blood and our whole immune system can perfectly regenerate. This is the ideal condition for stimulating a renewed growth of bone mass. Bone breathing at the same time cools down our heart and relieves our heart from too much work, but simultaneously increases overall blood circulation.


This "healing breath" leads us into deep inner calmness and relaxation, the foundation of any meditative practise. Muscular tensions and stress can dissolve and our whole body literally gets flushed with new life force right down to the bone marrow. As a result we can experience a direct increase of vibrating vitality, as well as deep inner harmony and peace, accompanied by an unimagined clarity and stillness of our mind.


Prerequisite: Tao Basics


Tao Yoga – thousands of years well-tried and time-tested by Taoist masters;

                                made-to-measure the challenges of our current times.


Аutor: Life Essence Tao Center