Online Workshop with Juan Li - "How to practise"


How to design a personal self-development practise is one of the greatest challenges faced by practitioners from the beginner to the experienced level. It is relatively easy these days, to accumulate a lot of powerful transformation techniques, and equally easy to abandon them once the initial stimulation after learning has worn off. With time, we accumulate a great deal of resources for self-transformation, but are unable to coherently organise them into an effective self-sustaining programme of daily practise. As a result, a sense of unease and not feeling good with oneself gradually grows from the very practises, which are supposed to point the way. We know we have the tools to feel better, we know this is what we wanted to have, but we do not know where to begin to streamline a sequence that could finally get our lives going in the direction we really want to grow.


In this workshop we look into the essentials for designing a successful practise programme capable of generating favourable conditions for lasting transformation and high self-esteem. We will learn how to establish short-term, intermediate and ultimate goals with the collection of transformation techniques we have acquired.


We also learn:

  • How to develop clear focus of a goal
  • How to develop high motivation for practise
  • How to maintain enthusiasm one we know where we want to go
  • How to develop the extraordinary mind of achievement
  • How to think big by developing spacious mind
  • How to divide daily time in the most efficient way
  • How to develop the 7 traits of a successful practise

In this online workshp Juan Li offers invaluable insights into the underlying factors of a successful self-development practise, and provides practical advice on how to empower yourself to fulfill your highest purpose in life.



Online Workshop Information


These are recordings of a live online workshop that took place in January 2017. 

Duration: 4 sessions of about 2 - 2,5 hours each

Language: English - with translation into Russian

Prerequisites: Tao Basics (Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds, Microcosmic Orbit)

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