Healing Tao of Inner Alchemy


Fusion 1-3

Harmonising the Five Elements


With "Fusion of the Five elements" we continue walking on the Taoist path of further cultivating our life force "chi". This actually marks the true beginning of so-called "inner alchemy" in the Taoist system.


We learn a practical way of creating deep emotional balance inside of our body, a process through which we become very centred and present. This eventually allows us to experience the harmonising power of the inner smile on a much deeper level.


Harmonising the five elements is a very effective tool...

  • for healing our emotional past
  • for creating new life force through the process of "recycling"
  • for training and stabilising inner focus and concentration
  • for developing inner integrity and harmony

Practitioners quickly realise that the "Fusion of the Five Elements" practises are a real jewel and belong to the essence of Taoist practises.


This class is for all familiar with the Tao Basics.


Tao Yoga – thousands of years well-tried and time-tested by Taoist masters;

made-to-measure the challenges of our current times.


Author: Life Essence Tao Center